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RIA Payments

We offer you the best way to pay for your order in just 10 minutes wherever you are. RIA is similar to MoneyGram or Western-Union. Pay in person, by phone (not available on a first payment) or online by credit card (only in the United States).

How to pay using RIA?

1. Make an order on our site choosing RIA as payment method.

2. Pay with RIA

  1. You can pay by in a RIA location using the European beneficiary which will be given on the confirmation page after each order.
  2. You can also pay by phone if you already have an RIA account.
  3. Available only to US citizens, you can also pay online using your bank account or your credit card. This is the most convenient way to send money from your couch.
  • Please respect the maximum order amount of $ 4,000. For a higher amount, please contact us.
  • The beneficiary is valid for few days only.
  • The beneficiary is for single use only. If you want to make another order later, you will receive another beneficiary.
  • Please specify during your payment that our beneficiary must receive the total amount of your order in € (EURO) and not in another currency.
    * If we receive another currency than €, our accounting service will have additional fees that you will then have to pay, which will increase the time to send your order.

3. Once you have paid by RIA, please send us the confirmation form:


This form must be completed after paying by RIA

4. Once we received the funds and your payment confirmation form, your order will be prepared and shipped within 24-48 hours.