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TURIMED 10 (Turinabol) – 50tabs of 10mg – DEUS-MEDICAL


Turinabol is a strong derivative of Dianabol. However, the two are different in the sense that the latter shows signs of the estrogenic effects while Turinabol does not. Besides, compared to Dianabol, the level of androgenic activity by Turinabol is a lot less. Even more, it is better positioned at ensuring that there’s a proper anabolic to androgenic effect balance when compared Dianabol. Turinabol is best suited for the first stage and for those who are highly sensitive and exhibit side effects.

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  • Product and Laboratory: TURIMED 10 by Deus Medical
  • Effects: Lean Muscle Gain, increased strength
  • Ingredients: 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
  • Form: Oral
  • Concentration: 10 mg/tab
  • Presentation: 50 tabs
  • Dosage: 30-60mg/day for 6-8 weeks
    Beginners Intermediate Advanced Female
    30mg-40mg/day for 6-8 weeks 40-50mg/day for 6-8 weeks 50-60mg/day for 6-8 weeks 5-10mg/day for 6-8 weeks
  • Protection during treatment: Take a hepato-protective (SamaGen = Samarin) between 2 and 4 tabs per day
  • Pct post cycle therapy: ClomiGen (Clomid) and NolvaGen (Nolvadex) during recovery: 1 each day for 20 days
  • Stack: Testosterone, Anavar, Winstrol, Clenbuterol, Growth hormone (plus secretagogues / peptides)
  • Level: Suitable for all users

Get Turinabol  By Deus Medical (Oral Turinabol)

Planning to order oral turinabol online? Deus Medical’s Turinabol 10mg pills are the real deal.

Turinabol is without a doubt among the best products you won’t regret purchasing and which is aimed for those looking to take their athletic capabilities a notch higher, optimize the uptake of nutrients in their system, while at the same time elevating their anabolic potential.

These round-shaped orange-themed pills will simply amaze you and make you stand out among the crowd.

Turinabol Pills For Athletes And Bodybuilders

Both athletes and bodybuilders need Turinabol 10mg pills due to the remarkable benefits they offer the body – you can refer to the East German doping scandal for more proof.

This scandal occurred in the early 90’s and really hurt the anabolic industry by a great extent. It was found out that most of the athletes from East German used Turinabol pills to boost their performance.

What happened thereafter was a major crackdown and strong disapproval of all anabolic products by the FDA, which saw most of the laboratories take their operation underground and the easily accessible products becoming hard to find.

The popularity of this product among the athletes grew immensely due its ability to elevate oxygen capacity and enhance endurance while at the same time helping develop and sustain lean cellular mass.

A rise in red blood cell count does not only increase the body’s oxygen capacity but also helps to justify that Turinabol is exemplary good at boosting the anabolic properties in human body.

That is because the body’s nutrient absorption capacity will shoot to the peak thereby helping utilize the nutrients from food more efficiently. This is key in enhancing quick recovery and regeneration.

In the same vein, Turinabol helps to lower the level of sex hormone binding globule by enhancing the release and distribution of testosterone throughout the body.

Testosterone brings about a favorable anabolic atmosphere whilst heightening the efficiency of other products during the cycle.

Together, these properties of Turinabol render it an integral part of the cutting cycle where it acts as an aide for muscular dryness on its own or when used with other products to enhance their effectiveness. At the same time, it contributes to significant mass gains.

Besides, it works in the off-season (bulking) too, although it serves to add to the overall anabolism.

How Turinabol Works

Turinabol belongs to the C-17 AA family of steroids and is a modified version of Dianabol , which is itself a refined type of testosterone.

However, it’s a little different from testosterone in that it features a double bond positioned at carbon 1 and 2 positions as well as a Chloro group at carbon 4. That means using Turinabol does not give rise to estrogenic problems.

The extra double bonds give Turinabol tablets an anabolic and androgenic rating of 54 and 6 respectively. With the testosterone rating standing at 100/100, asserting that Turinabol is weaker would be right.

And while it’s true to say that it’s somewhat weaker when compared to the likes of Anadrol, Dianabol and trenbolone, Turinabol is extremely valuable. It guarantees continued lean muscle tissue gains while keeping the androgenic and estrogenic issues completely out of question. This differs from testosterone, where although you realize progress, you will have to bear the blunt of irritating side effects including water retention and surges in the cholesterol level.

What’s more, Turinabol’s testosterone structure features methyl group placed at the 17th carbon thereby making it permeate through the liver without the need to be broken down.

Benefits and Possible Side Effects of Turinabol

Don’t order your Turinabol pills online before reading and understanding this section so you are aware of what you’re likely to face when undertaking a steroid cycle.

First, this section covers the pros of using Turinabol. Athletes and Bodybuilders will find information shared here incredibly valuable.

Benefits of Turinabol Include

  • Helps increase ability to utilize oxygen in the body which is key in enhancing endurance
  • A significant boost in the anabolic properties leading to an exponential gains in the cellular mass
  • Enhance recovery in between training sessions
  • Heightens ability to sustain lean tissues
  • Boosts intake of nutrients
  • Augments other anabolic products used to complete the cycle
  • Intensifies the muscular dryness when used during the cutting phase

Clearly, Turinabol offers a wide array of merits that guarantee improved physical performance as well as development of muscle tissues for athletes and bodybuilders.

Turinabol has a few side effects too. Any anabolic product will have its side effects and it should therefore not come as an out-of-the-ordinary thing.

They aftereffects include

  • Surge in cholesterol levels
  • Hepatotoxicity of the liver
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • May inhibit optimal production of natural hormones

However, there’s nothing to fear provided you put your level of experience into consideration particularly when using effective intra/post cycle support.

Turinabol Dosages and Cycles

The dosages you choose for Turinabol are dependent on your level of experience with anabolic products which, in turn affects the type of cycle you perform.

For beginners, it would be advisable to run a Turinabol cycle with a testosterone as the two products bond and work exemplary well by boosting each other’s anabolic capabilities.

Even more, there are some more benefits in using this combination in that it ensures the level of hormonal output doesn’t plummet too much during the cycle.

For a starter, the right dosages are 30-40 mg of Turinabol and 100-200 mg of testosterone per day. This cycle should last 6-8 weeks which is the case irrespective of your level of experience.

Intermediate users, should have their Turinabol dosages at 40-50mg per day and dosages of 300-400 mg for testosterone.

During the intermediate level, you can combine Turinabol with Anavar and Winstrol. On the other hand, advanced users will get optimal results by administering 50-60mg of Turinabol per day. In this case, the amount of testosterone to administer should mainly depend on the other products you’re using during the cycle.

In the event that Turinabol and testosterone are the main products of the cycle, then be sure to use them at their minimum levels ; 40 mg for Turinabol and 500+ mg for testosterone.

However, most advanced users might choose to go with a more potent product like Trenbolone to hasten their results when looking progressive bulking or potent cutting- this is because Trenbolone is designed to cater to the both needs. In that case, it is important that they adjust their testosterone level to the base level of 100 mg.

In such a cycle, users would need to administer their Trenbolone in the ranges of 400-500 mg per week.

Oral Turinabol By Deus Medical-Order Online

Deus Medical is committed to revolutionizing the anabolic steroid market – their objective is to ensure that never again will consumers waste their time, risk their money and even lives with unauthentic products.

As such, they offer Pharma grade products that have undergone rigorous testing procedures before being released into the market. This helps to guarantee that they meet and even exceed the expected standards.

This way, you’re assured of getting Turinabol in its purest form, with the right concentrations, and one that’s ready to deliver the expected results.

You can even prove it by digging more on how the company adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

All their products are safe for pharmaceutical use.

Here, we are committed to meet your cycle needs with the top industry grade oral Turinabol pills for sale online.

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