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Biosynergy Sun Beauty (Peptides Mix) – Melanotan II 1.2 mg/vial + Ipamorelin 0.9 mg/vial – 10 vials – Lifetech-Labs (Warehouse 2)

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Biosynergy Sun arises from the merger of melanotan II and iPamorelin. The two powerful compounds help users achieve deep tan while at the same time boosting complexion. What results is a brilliant youthful look.

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  • Product and Laboratory: Biosynergy Sun Beauty (Peptides Mix) by Lifetech-Labs
  • Effects: Enhances appearance, burns body fat, increases libido
  • Ingredients:
  • Form: Injection
  • Concentration: Melanotan II 1.2 mg/vial + Ipamorelin 0.9 mg/vial
  • Presentation: 10 vials (Total box 21 mg)
  • Dosage: Please refer to individual product pages for appropriate dosage guidelines for each respective item or see product description
  • Protection during treatment: None required should these products be the only ones used
  • Pct post cycle therapy: None required should these products be the only ones used
  • Stack: Suitable for use with all products
  • Level: Suitable for all users

Buy BioSynergy Sun Beauty Peptides Mix (Melanotan II 1.2mg + Ipamorelin 0.9 mg vials) By Lifetech Labs

Melanotan II is a superb product that helps its users develop the much-needed deep tan without necessarily exposing the skin to harmful UV rays. Additionally, it can boost your sex urge tremendously thereby making you an animal in the bedroom.

Melatonan II and ipamorelin come together to make a much strong and effective duo. Ipamorelin, positioning itself as a selective growth hormone secretagogue, will work in conjunction with Melatonan II to produce a much powerful force for increased sexual appetite, vigor, and better appearance. We can confirm that Lifetech offers the best variants of melanotan II and ipamorelin thanks to the heightened production standards they have embraced in their laboratories.

Benefits of Melanotan II + Ipamorelin

Although most people perceive peptides as growth hormones, the two are pretty different. Peptides are simply a series of amino acids that stimulate certain neurological processes within the system. Melatonan II contains a specialty amino acid component which, in this instance, doesn’t release GH but a melanocyte-stimulating hormone. This hormone is responsible for producing skin darkening pigments and is also associated with prompting the brain which indirectly improves erectile dysfunction.

Ipamorelin was the first selective growth hormone releasing peptide and functions by behaving like ghrelin to accelerate release of the growth hormone. As such, in addition to facilitating formation of deep skin tan, users stand to benefit from the resultingelevated GH levels it brings.

Outlined are the benefits of using melanotan II + ipamorelin:

  • Curbs hunger pangs which minimizes possibility of overeating (melanotan II)
  • Eliminates the need to expose oneself to UV rays
  • Improves appetite for sex as well as performance
  • Boosts energy levels
  • More effective, safer, and time saving at facilitating formation of skin tan compared to sitting under the sun
  • Enhanced muscle development
  • Improved capacity for fat loss
  • Enhanced muscular recovery
  • Better immune system
  • Improve density of the bones
  • Improved complexion (youthfulness)

Melanotan II + ipamorelin combo is perfect for anyone due its ability to touch on a number of areas including facilitating improved sex drive, more energy, recovery and much more. Also, while lowered hunger may be a disadvantage for those looking to improve their daily calorie intake, it could actually be a huge plus for those on a cutting cycle.

Despite the many benefits the mix harbors, it still comes with a few adverse effects although most are never that serious.

Side Effects of Melanotan II + Ipamorelin

If you have no medical conditions, then you’re possibly good to go with this product as its side effects are a rare occurrence. Since you may not prevent them entirely, ensure to undertake a pre-cycle to gauge your genetic compatibility before embarking on your melanotan II + ipamorelin cycle. This way, you can keep them remarkably low or even prevent them completely. Here are some of the potential side effects:


  • Nausea
  • Darkening of moles
  • Drastic suppression of appetite
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headaches
  • Swollen limbs
  • Extreme numbness


For the development and darkening of skin moles, make sure you see a medic to know whether to proceed with your cycle or not.

Melanotan II + Ipamorelin Dosage / Melanotan II + Ipamorelin Cycles

Melanotan II has two techniques of administration depending on user experience.

  • Beginner Level Users: Administer 700 mcg per day
  • Intermediate levels users and above: should administer 2.1mg per day

An ipamorelin dose ranges from 200 mcg to 300 mcg per day. A cycle of melanotan II + ipamorelin mix may last from several weeks to months.

How Melanotan II + Ipamorelin Mix Works

If you can recall, melanotan II in its basic form is a sequence of amino acids that are linked together and assigned the duty of prompting the nervous system to release melanocyte-stimulating hormone. The resulting stimulating hormone will modify the skin pigmentation thereby enhancing development of a darker-toned skin. In respect to correcting the erectile dysfunction, there is an ongoing scientific research to prove that it triggers the brain to accelerate blood flow to the penis. Although a selective growth hormone, Ipamorelin behaves like the hunger hormone, ghrelin, such that it stimulates somatotroph cells to release GH.

Buy Cheap Melanotan II + Ipamorelin Online

Your safety and effectiveness of the product you use is our concern which why we recommend only the top-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Lifetech is the undisputed leader when it comes to producing quality peptides, and they offer you the best variant of melanotan II + ipamorelin online. In making their products, they follow the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure they are of unquestionable purity and concentration.

Buy Lifetech’s Labs melanotan II / ipamorelin online now and get the results you’ve been looking for. Order now and get it delivered fast and in discrete packing.

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