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Endurance pack- 8 Weeks (Boldenone-Winstrol) Maha pharma

$167.00 $158.65

Endurance cycle with Winstrol and Boldenone  steroid injection over 8 weeks.

Winstrol 50 Inject 10ml vial Maha Pharma × 2

Winstrol is a popular steroid among veteran bodybuilders and athletes, thanks to its effectiveness in boosting muscle growth without the possibility of water retention. This product is best suited for experienced users looking for steady and lasting muscle mass. Get its best variants here.

$49.00 $46.55 / pc.

EQ 300 10ml vial Maha Pharma

EQ 300, from the famous Dragon Pharma company, is available in convenient 10 ml vials. The concentration of active substance (Boldenone Undecylenate) in each vial is of 300 mg per 1 ml. This anabolic steroid has high activity and is intended for injection. Its low risk of side effects makes it possible to successfully use a steroid as solo cycle, or in combination with other sports medicine drugs.

$69.00 $65.55
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Winstrol + Boldenone

Week 11ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise1ml Winstrol
Week 21ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise1ml Winstrol
Week 33ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise3ml Winstrol3ml Winstrol
Week 43ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise3ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise3ml Winstrol
Week 53ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise3ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise3ml Winstrol
Week 63ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise3ml Winstrol3ml Winstrol
Week 71ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise1ml Winstrol
Week 81ml Winstrol1ml Equipoise1ml Winstrol

What to remember if you want to reach your goal:

  • You must follow a balanced diet according to your goal without forgetting dietary supplements (creatine, protein, BCAA …).
  • You must follow serious training (If necessary, do not hesitate to call a sports coach) – Training 3 times per week minimum 1 hour per session.
  • You need to drink a lot of water to keep the kidneys healthy.
  • It is necessary to take the necessary protections such as Samarin, Arimidex, clomid … to avoid the side effects of steroids.


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