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Biosynergy Recovery3 (Peptides Mix) – TB-500 0.75 mg/vial + PEG-MGF 0.6 mg/vial + Ipamorelin 0.75 mg/vial – 10 vials – Lifetech-Labs (Warehouse 1)


Designed to ensure the fastest recovery possible, Biosynergy Recovery 3 is potent blend of PEG MGF and TB-500. This product is ideal for those suffering from existing soft tissue ailment as well those with the intent of protecting themselves against related issues in future.

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  • Product and Laboratory: Biosynergy Recovery3 (Peptides Mix) by Lifetech-Labs
  • Effects: Enhances recovery, enhances muscle mass
  • Ingredients:
  • Form: Injection
  • Concentration: TB-500 0.75 mg/vial + PEG-MGF 0.6 mg/vial + Ipamorelin 0.75 mg/vial
  • Presentation: 10 vials (Total box 21 mg)
  • Dosage: Please refer to individual product pages for appropriate dosage guidelines for each respective item or see product description
  • Protection during treatment: None required should these products be the only ones used
  • Pct post cycle therapy: None required should these products be the only ones used
  • Stack: Suitable for use with all products
  • Level: Suitable for all users

Buy BioSynergy Recovery 3 Peptides Mix (Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor 0.6mg + TB-500 0.75 MG Vials) by Lifetech Labs

When it comes to improving the anabolic activity of the body, PEG MGF is an excellent choice. Since it’s already a pre-existing hormone in the body, it carries out its role very effectively. Although satellite cells are rarely used, using PEG MGF puts them into use via employment. They then assist in building and repair processes that lead to sustenance of quality muscles. A group of enthusiastic scientists managed to separate and synthesize this growth factor which now makes it possible to use it when seeking to enhance development of muscles and their recovery after extensive physical exercises.

Lifetech Labs are the main proponents of this mix. What they supply is probably the purest and concentrated variety mix of peptides for sale online today.

Benefits of PEG MGF + TB-500 / PEG MGF + TB-500 Positive Effects

Actually, PEG MGF isn’t a hormone but a fragment of another growth hormone, IGF-1. When the user undertakes rigorous physical exercises, it splits into two fragments. One of its sub strands has no much involvement in anabolic processes while the other becomes MGF. MGF is entrusted with the role of harmonizing the extra cells in the body to increase recovery. PEG lasts for several days in the body in contrast to the organic hormone which annihilates in minutes. On the other hand, the structure of TB-500 is such that it features a specialty amino acid series which render it effective at improving the healing properties of TB4 found in the cytoplasm or wound fluid. Working together, TB-500 and PEG MGF are amazingly effective at boosting muscular or cellular recovery.

Here are some of the benefits of PEG MGF + TB-500 summed up:

  • Improved capacity for muscle growth (MGF)
  • Heightens recovery of muscles
  • Improves physical performance helping you exercise for longer periods
  • Retains the muscle

As a combo, PEG MGF + TB-500 will help heal an injury super-fast and even guard you from sustaining more injuries.

Side Effects Of PEG MGF + TB-500

Usually, the side effects of PEG MGF and TB-500 combination are rare although they can still occur. The most common is the irritation at the injection site when administering it. Here are more possible adverse aftereffects:

  1. Nausea
  2. Dizziness
  3. Anxiousness
  4. Headaches
  5. Fatigue
  6. Stomach problems

Cut your dosage if these effects persist or get worse, or better still, visit a medical professional.

PEG MGF + TB-500 Dosage and Cycles

PEG MGF cycles should not go beyond 4 weeks to avoid or lower the probability of acclimatization (body gets used and effectiveness reduces). On rest days, approximately 400 – 500 mcg of PEG MGF is sufficient for most users. The standard MGF dosage should then be administered on post workout only during the training days. During the off days, PEG MGF drastically enhances muscle growth potential thereby helping them recover faster. Regarding the dosage and cycle, you should administer 2- 2.5 mg of TB-500 twice a week for a period spanning 4-6 weeks.

How Does PEG MGF + TB-500 Work?

During a rigorous physical activity, IGF-1 levels rise and split in to two fragments one of them being MGF. After that, MGF gets isolated and is synthesized by adding PEGylating to prolong its half-life; this enables it to last several days instead of minutes. MGF then utilizes the satellite cells in repairing soft-tissues but this time for an extended duration. On the other hand, TB-500 is simply an amino acid sequence whose role is to prompt TB4 so as to accelerate your recovery process. This implies that the combination of the two peptides will not only accelerate the recovery process but also help lengthen the duration of the same.

Cheap PEG MGF + TB-500 For Sale Online

Planning to buy PEG MGF AND TB-500 online today? We sell PEG MGF + TB-500 from Lifetech and is simply the best biosynergy recovery peptides mix you can find online. This respected manufacturer observes alll the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to ensure production of a product with optimal purity as well as rich concentration of content.

This way, you’re guaranteed of not only having a safe but also effective cycle. Please remember to leave behind your testimony after using this first-rate peptide mix and help beginners attain their objective. Happy shopping.


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